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$ 50 / repository* / month
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Linux, Windows Server, Docker Image
(For CI/CD integration)

Additional Licenses

Charged for pro-rated number of days of contract remainder

Charged for pro-rated number of days of contract remainder


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* repository:
a repository is a single root directory of a project where source code is stored. Sider Scan's analysis results are provided for every licensed repository. For example, in the case of SVN it is the SVN update directory, and in the case of Git, it is the git pull / git fetch directory.

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Sider Scan

Sider Scan Enterprise

Core Features

Error-fix suggestions

Detailed explanation of proposed suggestions

Detection of potential bugs

Duplicate code analysis

Ranked recommendations

Secure analysis (no server upload)

CI/CD integration

Analysis Management

Duplicate code visualization wheel

Save analysis results

Share analysis results

Import/export data

Search + highlight

Sorting + filtering

Exclude unneeded files/folders

Notate analysis results

Export results (JSON format)

Possible Miss Analysis Methods

Pattern-based analysis (comparing existing patterns between duplicate blocks)

Action-based analysis (checking for consistencies in edits of duplicates over time)

Insertion/deletion misses (for line-by-line modifications) (under development)

Other Features

Desktop notifications

Background scan/analysis (set and forget)

Multi-project analysis

Command line interface (for CI/CD integration)

Email notification of development reports

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