Frequently asked questions

What users want to know before purchasing

What is Sider Scan?

Sider Scan is a stand-alone software that scans your local repository for potential bugs based on duplicate code detection technology.

Who is it for?

Sider Scan is for developers and businesses that require a higher quality of code. It is most effective for large projects that have run for more than a year, that have passed through the hands of multiple engineers.

How long is setup?

For individual users, setup can be completed in a matter of minutes. For enterprise users, setup will depend on the particular requirements that must be met and can vary.

Are there free trials?

There is no trial period. However, the analysis of 1 repository is always free.

What languages are supported?

The following languages can be analyzed using Sider Scan: Java/JavaScript/TypeScript/PHP/C/C++/C#/CUDA/Swift/Ruby

What is a 'possible miss'?

When a group of duplicate blocks of code is being modified, and if not done correctly or consistently, the code where an error in modification was made is called a 'miss'. Detecting a possible 'miss' is one of the core features of Sider Scan. It is a determination of a possible error in code based upon duplicate code detection.

Where is data stored?

Sider Scan's analysis results for the Win/Mac versions are stored in the device's local database. For the Linux version, a storage location can be specified manually.

How long does analysis take?

Analysis can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours or more. It depends on the size of the directory that is being analyzed, and the number of duplicates pairs that are detected.

What is code duplication?

Code duplication is the act of copying and pasting code within a project. In Sider Scan, duplicate code includes that which are similar and not necessarily identical.

Can I pay by credit card?

Credit card payment is accepted depending on the size of the order. Please contact us to learn more.

What are the differences between the Desktop and Server versions?

The desktop versions (Win / Mac) are for individual and group users. The server versions (Linux / Windows Server) are for centralized server analysis, more for enterprise customers.

How can I use Sider Scan as part of my CI/CD pipeline?

Please contact us. We offer Sider Scan Enterprise for CICD integration to work with Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, and more. Sider Scan Enterprise works on a server and has a command-line interface.

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