Company Information

Sider Corporation is providing solutions to improve the productivity of software development teams. It is a spin-off company from Fixstars Corporation (TYO: 3687). Fixstars is a global leader in software acceleration services.

Since 2002, Fixstars has provided robust software acceleration solutions to global big brands in industries which include autonomous driving, quantum computing, expansion microscopy, electronic trading platform, and security system.

Utilizing our experiences on our client projects, Sider is developing and providing a unique and powerful engineering management tool for software projects, "Sider Team Insights" , and a fully-automated source code review solution, "Sider" .

We contribute to the enhancement of productivity so that more projects succeed. Please contact us for further questions.

Past clients

Company Profile

Company Name: Sider Inc

CEO: Aki Asahara

Establishment: August 2019

Services: Providing software development solutions

Location: 100 Progress STE 130, Irvine, CA 92618