Locate and fix bugs caused by code duplication

Sider Scan is a lightning-fast duplicate code detection tool for software developers that finds and continuously monitors problems with code duplication.

✔︎ GitLab CI/CD, GitHubActions, Jenkins & CircleCI® integration

✔︎ Installation using a Docker image
✔︎ Easy team sharing of the analysis details
✔︎ Continuous and fast analysis that runs on the background
✔︎ Dedicated product support via email and phone

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From developers, to developers

Sider Scan enhances long term code quality and maintenance processes with an in-depth duplicate code analysis. It's designed to complement other analysis tools, helping teams to produce cleaner code, and supporting continuous delivery.


"Sider Scan is a very promising duplicate code detection tool. It allows us to analyze the huge code base project in a realistic time. I have never seen such a solution"

- Ben H., Software Engineering Director, a major computational software company (San Jose, CA)

"The prioritisation in Sider Scan is really sleek, it helps my team to focus into the most pressing issues."

- Igor K., Engineering Manager, a major financial services company (San Francisco, CA)

"There were duplicate code that we already knew about, but Sider Scan found more of them."

- Martha K., Senior Software Engineer (San Jose, CA)

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