Locate and fix bugs
caused by
code duplication

Sider Scan is a lightning-fast duplicate code detection tool for software developers that finds and continuously monitors problems with code duplication.

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What does Sider Scan do?

By running Sider Scan, you can detect, fix and monitor risks to your code that happen due to code duplication.

Locates hidden duplicates

Sider Scan uses a proprietary algorithm developed in-house to find duplicate code with maximum speed. It then uses its comparison engine to quickly determine the quality of duplicates.

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Organises and assesses risk

Sider Scan organises found issues and duplicates, and then provides prioritisation based on the risk of each issue.

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Reports new duplicates

When Sider Scan analyzes code over an extended period of time, any changes made in the code will be tracked, and problematic changes will be part of the analysis results. Any new issues found will be reported on a daily basis via desktop notifications.

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Try Sider Scan for free

Free for one repository. No credit card required.


"Sider Scan is a very promising duplicate code detection tool. It allows us to analyze the huge code base project in a realistic time. I have never seen such a solution"

- Ben H., Software Engineering Director, a major computational software company (San Jose, CA)

"The prioritisation in Sider Scan is really sleek, it helps my team to focus into the most pressing issues."

- Igor K., Engineering Manager, a major financial services company (San Francisco, CA)

"There were duplicate code that we already knew about, but Sider Scan found more of them."

- Martha K., Senior Software Engineer (San Jose, CA)

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Get started in 3 simple steps

Sider Scan is very easy to get started with. Simply install it on your local device, and select which folder you want to monitor. It will continuously scan for issues, and let you know when there is a potential problem.

1. Download and install

Use the download button below to download Sider Scan for Windows or Mac OS.

2. Select project to monitor

After installing Sider Scan to your system, you will need to select the folder/directory that you would like to scan.

3. Run continuous scans

Once you set the analysis start time, setup is complete. Analyses will subsequently start, and you will be given a list of potentially problematic code and suggestions on how they can be repaired.

Do you have any questions about Sider Scan? Contact us

Try Sider Scan for free

Free for one repository. No credit card required.