You can now install Sider as a GitHub App

We are excited to announce that Sider now supports GitHub Apps.

What are GitHub Apps?

GitHub Apps is one of GitHub’s 3rd party integration methods. Until now, Sider was offered as an OAuth App. However, GitHub now recommends the GitHub Apps API as the best way to provide third-party integration to GitHub.
For this reason, Sider now supports GitHub Apps.

See here to learn more about the differences between GitHub Apps and OAuth Apps.

What can I do in GitHub Apps?

Restricted Access

GitHub provides more fine-grained access control to GitHub Apps. As an OAuth App, Sider can access all repositories that the user can access. Of course, we don’t access them unnecessarily. When using GitHub Apps, you can control which repositories Sider has access to.

Bot Account

GitHub Apps can interact with GitHub as bot accounts on their own, so you don’t need to manage a bot account for Sider anymore. This means you don’t need your bot account in GitHub Apps.

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And more

GitHub is constantly adding new features to the GitHub Apps API — for example, the new Checks API, which is not available to OAuth Apps. Sider may take advantage of these features in the future.

How do I migrate to GitHub Apps?

We’ve created an easy process for existing users to migrate to GitHub Apps. You will see the following alert next time you sign in to Sider. Click the ‘Activate & Migrate’ button to begin.

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When migrating to GitHub Apps, you should include your repositories that you have already added on Sider.


GitHub Apps help Sider provide a more reliable and sophisticated service, and we will continue improving it using the new features available to GitHub Apps. We hope Sider users migrate to GitHub Apps. Note that you cannot rollback to OAuth Apps after migrating.

If you have any feedback or questions about this flow, please contact us via the chat button at the bottom right on Sider.

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