Things you can do

Things you can do

Once the analysis is complete, Sider Scan will generate a list of items for you to review. At any point, you can categorize your list by clicking on one of the 3 icons, ‘save’, ‘resolved’, or ‘delete’ circled below. Initially, all items are ‘uncategorized’.

Once you select a category for your items, they will move to that category and can be viewed under one of the tabs below.

You can also select the category within the details of each listed item, by clicking on the line item, and then selecting the category as shown below.

Save icon

If you want to reserve judgment or take action for a later time, you may choose to ‘save’ a particular item. For example, if a code is too complex to judge immediately, or if you want to examine it at a later time, then you may ‘save’ it for later review.

Resolved icon

If you want to mark a particular code as having been ‘resolved’ following a find by Sider Scan, and you want to record it as such, then you may mark it as ‘resolved’. Items that have been resolved will not appear as new items on a subsequent scan.

Delete icon

Any items that no longer require your attention may be marked as ‘deleted’. These items may be false positives that were detected by Sider Scan. ‘Deleted’ items will be the first to be permanently deleted if a maximum is reached in the number of possible misses or important duplicates. To preserve them, you must mark them under a different category.