The version of some analysis tools has been updated!

Hello. It updates information on last week.

The version of various some tools has been updated!
Update information is described below, please confirm.

Update Information

  • Querly 0.3.1
  • RuboCop 0.48.1
  • Brakeman 3.6.1
  • Reek 4.5.6
  • Rails Best Practices 0.18.0
  • PHP_CodeSniffer 2.8.1
  • JSHint 2.9.4
  • scss-lint 0.52.0
  • Flake8 3.3.0
  • TSLint 5.0.0
  • Go Meta Linter 1.2.1
  • haml-lint 0.24.0

We will update the analysis tool on a regular basis in the future.
Also, We will add analysis tools as appropriate, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any analytical tools that you would like to use by all means.

For more information about Sider, please go to our website.

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