Sider’s Go Meta Linter support will be discontinued at the end of May 2020. Migration to GolangCI-Lint is requested

Thank you for using Sider. Since Go Meta Linter is officially deprecated, those who have Go Meta Linter/go vet/golint enabled will need to migrate to GolangCI-Lint.

Deadline: End of May 2020(UTC)

If the migration to GolangCI-Lint is not completed by the deadline above, Go Meta linter and go vet and go lint will be disabled and GolangCI-Lint will be enabled.

Steps to migrate to GolangCI-Lint

  1. Enable GolangCI-Lint in the repository settings page.
  2. Disable Go Meta linter, go vet, and go lint

Because Sider runs go vet and golint via Go Meta linter, Sider will not support go vet and golint.
However, you can run go vet and golint via GolangCI-Lint. So if go vet or golint are enabled, GolangCI-Lint will be enabled at the deadline.
go vet and go lint are included in GolangCI-Lint. So after enabling GolangCI-Lint, go vet and go lint will run automatically

If you have any questions about the migration process, please contact our support team.

Aki Asahara

CEO of Sider. Aki joined Fixstars in 2008 and served major clients such as the US Airforce, MIT, USC, Toyota, and Hitachi High-technologies. After his successful tenure, he was appointed CEO of US operations in 2012. He was appointed CEO of Sider in 2019. He holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Kyoto University and is a Certified Scrum Master.

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