Sider will use PHP_CodeSniffer version 3 by default

Thank you for using Sider!

We’re announcing that Sider will change PHP_CodeSniffer’s default version to 3.x from 2.9.x. The change will be carried out on 2018–08–20.

Sider has used PHP_CodeSniffer version 2.9.1 by default. You have needed to set version option in sideci.yml if you chose to use the tool with version 3.x.

The change will allow you to use PHP_CodeSniffer 3.x without making adjustment to settings. And, if you have set version option to use 3.x of the tool, you won’t have to set anything additionally.

Users who would like to use 2.x after the change need to specify tool version on sideci.yml like below:

version: 2

In addition, the release note will tell you about the detail of the major update.

Although we have undecided about the end date of support for PHP_CodeSniffer 2.x, the team has stated that they will no longer develop new features for 2.x, that is, they will do only security updates.

Thus, we recommend you to prepare updating version to 3.x even if you continue to use 2.x after this on Sider.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us with chat button in Sider.

For more information about Sider, please go to our website.

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