Sider GitHub Apps permission change (December, 2021)

*Japanese translation is here.

Dear Sider users,

Thank you for using

We ask you to update Sider’s required GitHub Apps permissions as part of our service improvement. The new permission request adds read and write permissions for the GitHub Checks API, which is an API suite used for integrations between GitHub and CI/CD services like Sider.

You will get a confirmation E-mail from GitHub*. Please check it and confirm. Note that only GitHub organization Owners can approve the request. Please request them to approve it if needed.
* E-mail subject is [GitHub] Sider is requesting updated permissions.

Even if you don’t approve the permission request, you can use Sider just as usual. However, you won’t be able to use the new features which require these permissions. Note that we’ll make another announcement regarding the new features when they are ready.

Thank you for your cooperation.