“npm install” plugins and configs when executing ESLint enabled, etc.

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“npm install” plugins and configs when executing ESLint enabled

Now, analysis with ESLint on sideCI can be executed with specific plugins and extends installed, if they are specified in the setting file .eslintrc.

For example, when .eslintrc.json is like:

"rules": {
"plugins": [
"extends": [

analysis with eslint will be executed with

  • eslint-plugin-react
  • eslint-plugin-jade
  • eslint-config-eslint

being “npm install”ed.

SideCI supports the following file formats for eslintrc:

  • .eslintrc.yaml
  • .eslintrc.yml
  • .eslintrc.json
  • .eslintrc (both JSON, YAML are allowed/officially deprecated)
  • package.json

For pacakge.json, configurations of ESLint can be set by writing them under “esLintConfig”. If you want to specify which version of ESLint to install, or the versions of each ESLint plugin, you can write them under “devDependencies” in package.json.

For more reference on package.json, please check the official document

Cleaning up indications made on the Pull Request from SideCI

sample image

We are sure there are cases where you don’t want to show the trivial indications made by the static analysis, like when comments and discussions become more active in the Pull Request, and before merging in the late development stage.

For times like these, we made it able to delete all of the comments made by the static analysis at once from SideCI.

You can execute it from the indications page (Feed) of the corresponding PR in SideCI’s news feed.

※The deletion of the comments is only temporary. When a branch in the same PR is pushed, the indications by SideCI are commented once more. If you want to disable commenting to a PR, you can configure it from SideCI’s select analytical tool.

Please give it a try!

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