Important announcement: Test & Delivery service will stop on 7 June 2015

Today, we have an important announcement about the SideCI services.

We have decided to discontinue the Test & Delivery service, after a round of actual user interviews, and a review of our service focus. The Test & Delivery service will stop on 7 June 2015.

If you are using SideCI’s Test & Delivery service, we would like to thank you very much for your trust in our products. We would like to redirect you to some of the great alternatives that focus on testing and deployment, like CircleCI, Shippable, Codeship, and Wecker.

SideCI’s Test & Delivery service will stop running on June 7th. The configuration view will be removed the week after, on June 14th. After removed, you can’t access Test & Delivery configurations. For example, Environment Variables, Deploy Commands. Please take any backup as necessary.

SideCI will now focus exclusively on automated code reviewing. We are glad to announce the introduction of new functions, as soon as this week. The most prominent is a new result analysis function on the site. No need to open a pull request, no need to push any code—you can analyse in place. More on this new feature and many more in the next announcement.

SideCI Team