How to sort search results

How to sort search results

The analysis results you receive in Sider Scan can be ordered in various ways.

Below you will see numbers on the header tabs 1, 2, and 3 (which are priority numbers), and next to each, there are up or down arrows (sorting).

The down arrows mean that the list is sorted in descending order for that column. The up arrows mean that the list is sorted in ascending order for that column.

Combined with the numbers, the below shows that the sorting order is

  1. firstly in descending order of the # of duplicate statements
  2. followed by ascending order of the similarity score
  3. followed by descending order of the importance index

The sorting order and the sorting priority order can be changed by clicking on each column header multiple times. By clicking on it, it will cycle through

  • ascending order
  • descending order
  • no particular order (subordinate to the order of a column of higher priority)

Once you reach ‘no particular order’, then any priority hold will also be released, and the priority number will disappear. If you cycle through this again, a different priority number will be assigned depending on whether another column already has priority.