Getting started

Getting started #

When you first install Sider Scan, you have two options. You can manually run analysis right away, or you can schedule a daily analysis time and let it run on its own. Here are the steps for each option.

Run analysis right away #

If you are running an analysis right away you can either drag & drop a project folder, or you can select a directory path and press the ‘start analysis now’ button.

Drag & drop your project folder #

You can simply drag and drop your project folder directory into Sider Scan’s application window.

Once you drop your folder in, the analysis will start as follows and progress will be displayed.

Select directory path and press start #

Alternatively, you can set a directory path by pressing ‘Select Folder’, and finding the folder you would like to analyze, then selecting it.

Once you have selected the folder, press the ‘Start Analysis Now’ button and the analysis will immediately start, and a progress bar will be displayed.

Set start time #

If you are not starting the analysis right away, you can set your daily analysis start time. This will enable the analysis to run at a set time in the day (such as overnight) so that it doesn’t tax your system while you are using it during regular work hours. Once you set the time, the analysis will run each day at a fixed time, and you will receive a notification when the analysis is complete.