Enhanced vulnerability analysis for Ruby on Rails. Brakeman, the latest security vulnerability analysis tool, is now available on Sider

Security is considered ‘most important’ by many developers. Many security vulnerabilities are registered with CVE identification numbers (CVE-ID) on a daily basis, and include serious problems such as disclosure of confidential information.

GitHub is also strengthening security-related functions such as code scanning alerts, and is increasingly sharing vulnerability information for each OSS library.

Since its release, Sider has focused on detecting security vulnerabilities and has supported Brakeman (MIT license). This allows security vulnerability scans to be conducted each time a Pull Request is updated. Even in cases where a customer’s focus has been product release speed (and the code is SQL injection-enabled), Sider has been able to detect security vulnerabilities.

Today, Sleeek is pleased to announce that under a new license(Brakeman Public Use License), the latest security vulnerability analysis function by Brakeman is available to all existing users of Sider (Free/Standard/Enterprise/Education) at no additional cost.

If you want to know more new functions and updates, please see below the link. https://help.sider.review/news/2020

Aki Asahara

CEO of Sider. Aki joined Fixstars in 2008 and served major clients such as the US Airforce, MIT, USC, Toyota, and Hitachi High-technologies. After his successful tenure, he was appointed CEO of US operations in 2012. He was appointed CEO of Sider in 2019. He holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Kyoto University and is a Certified Scrum Master.

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