Automatic correction with ESLint enabled on Sider, etc.

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Automatic correction with ESLint enabled on Sider

Now, you can create a pull request in which modifiable indications made by ESLint are automatically corrected. Incorporating this function into an existing workflow allows application of the indicated corrections without manually revising local files, by creating a Pull Request that applies ESLint’s corrections to the original Pull Request from SideCI and merging it.

Please note that the targets of this auto correction are the files that were modified in the corresponding Pull Request's commit, and not only the changed portions.

How to Configure

Enable ESLint from SideCI’s Select analytical tool. Also, make sure to uncheck the Don't comment on Github option.

Setting ESLint

How to Execute

1. on SideCI

On SideCI, click Automatically apply ESLint's corrections from ESLint's corrections on the Pull Request. A Pull Request that automatically corrects ESLint’s indications will be created.

Sample image

2. from Pull Request on the GitHub

Execute from the link that is commented on the Pull Request on Github.

The correction link is notified in form of a comment on a Pull Request with more than one correction by ESLint. The Pull Request is created on clicking

Sample image

Merging the Auto-corrected Pull Request

The Pull Request of the auto-corrections is created.

automatically created Pull Request

A comment about the created Pull Request is added on the original Pull Request.

After reviewing, merge the created Pull Request.

New Feature: Previewing diff files before execution of RuboCop’s auto-corrections

The auto-correction described above can also be used with RuboCop. Now, before the Pull Request is created, you can check the diff files of the Pull Request that will be created when executing the auto-correction on SideCI.

It is very convenient, because it enables you to check things beforehand, such as “What the contents of the Pull Request created by the auto-correction looks like”, and “If there are any places rewritten by a weird code”

Preview image

There are no settings required for this. The preview for the diff files are shown on SideCI when executing Automatically apply RuboCop's corrections, as you do with ESLint.

Please give it a try!

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